Sweet Home Chicago!

No job and the boredom of suburbia lead me to Chicago.  Yes, it’s cold 9 out of the 12 months here and I am using ever paycheck to pay rent but HEY it’s well worth it!  This city is full of surprising possibilities big and small.  Great style, great food, great people, great sports, great art, great ____(you fill in the blank.)  I studied fashion in school with a love for MANY things such as photography, dance, art, fashion, beauty and whatever else you can name.  This blog is to document the small things that make life LOVELY!  

Definition of Lovely (straight from the dictionary)

Love-ly (luhv-lee) adj. 

  1. Charming or exquisitely beautiful
  2. Having a beauty that appeals to the heart or mind as well as to the eye, as a person or a face.
  3. Delightful; highly pleasing
  4. Of a great moral or spiritual beauty

My Lovely inspiration for today: Chicago

*Picture taken by my dear friend Laura