The Perfect Gift

This past Friday my roomie and I had a holiday cocktail party for old friends and new.  Lot’s of yummy food, secret santa gifts and of course booze made it a memorable night.  With the holidays around the corner it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of finding the perfect gift for your loved ones.  I’ve realized that the number one gift to truly be cherished and offer to others is your full presence!  To be authentic, living completely in the moment, deeply listening to others open-hearted is the most precious gift of all.  So, I say slow-down, put away those last-minute to-do lists and enjoy YOUR lovely little things in life.


One thought on “The Perfect Gift

  1. You are the lovely lady in the blue dress on the right is that correct? YOU ARE STUNNING. And…. I really want your dress.

    I also completely agree that being in the moment is the best present you can give. Put the phone away and give those loved ones your undivided attention!!!

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