Chicago Blogger Network + Lara Miller event photos

Here are some of my favorite looks from last weeks event with Lara Miller’s 2012 collection modeled by fellow Chicago bloggers! Thanks Bret Grafton for the stunning photos!

Lo from Fully Loaded

Alison from Brown Eyed Style

Stephen from STEPHEN STYLE

+ me


What’s your inspiration?

They say the happiest people keep things that inspire them, around their usual space, for daily awareness.  In my apartment I found the perfect place, in my room, to hold my daily inspiration in an old “mock” fireplace.

Flowers always add extra beauty as well as a sweet aroma.  My favorite band is the Beatles (as well as my obsession of London) so I have a picture I got years ago framed.  A history book of Lancome plus a vintage floral holder of rich lipsticks and glosses after working there. Candles upon candles because sometimes lights just won’t cut it!  And a hand-drawn picture from my amazing time spent studying and traveling in Florence, Italy.

What is your inspiration?

Colours From The Capitol

This post was completely inspired by my OBSESSION with the book-the saga of The Hunger Games.  I finished it in two days and have already started on the 2nd book. A teenage love story enfold during a “post apocalyptic” era governed by “the Capitol.” When it’s time to battle in the hunger games, only 1 can survive.  In anticipation of the movie debuting on March 23 China Glaze will be launching a line called “Colours From The Capitol” on March 1. The cream and shimmer shades are all inspired on characters from the book.  Can you guess which shades are  Katniss, Peeta, Effie? Ta-Ta Twilight…