What’s your inspiration?

They say the happiest people keep things that inspire them, around their usual space, for daily awareness.  In my apartment I found the perfect place, in my room, to hold my daily inspiration in an old “mock” fireplace.

Flowers always add extra beauty as well as a sweet aroma.  My favorite band is the Beatles (as well as my obsession of London) so I have a picture I got years ago framed.  A history book of Lancome plus a vintage floral holder of rich lipsticks and glosses after working there. Candles upon candles because sometimes lights just won’t cut it!  And a hand-drawn picture from my amazing time spent studying and traveling in Florence, Italy.

What is your inspiration?


One thought on “What’s your inspiration?

  1. The peek at your favorite things in a “mock” fireplace” gets me inspired! I am working on creating more creative surroundings in my own home. I have to tell you that one of my simple pleasures is having attractive paper towels to use! I go out of the way to make sure I get the ones I want! I guess it is time to bring my daily inspirations at home to the next level ; – )

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