Love your locks

NUMBER 2– Showing your hair some much-needed TLC

Have you ever seen a picture of yourself and asked “is that what my hair really looks like?”  Well I had one of those moments and realized that my brassy, dull, stringy, dead locks needed a serious Valentines revamp! It’s okay to be selfish sometimes to add a little spark to your original routine.

 Not having a go-t0-stylist yet in Chicago I figured, what the hell, just try somewhere new.  I came upon Red 7 Salon in the loop because my stylist, Lauren aka Elle, needed a color model.  Instead of $90 and above it was only $25…SOLD!

  This salon is 3 flights of brightly covered interior with shining chandeliers.  A relax yet fun environment made it super-easy to enjoy my time here.  I opted for dark brown with plum undertones so it had some dimension.



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