Back from hibernation

I’M BACK! Here is my official apology for my lack of posts (cough…hiatus) for my blog.  My life has been a crazy whirlwind lately and I am finally getting back to having some time to breathe and catching some z’s!  So, here is my update:

Has anybody seen dance moms the tv show? That is basically my life from Wednesday-Monday in all different cities in the US.  I have been working for 2 national dance competitions with AH-MAY-ZING talented dancers since January setting up their “pop up” shops as a visual merchandiser.  Although it is CRAZY hours ( hence my lack of posts) and hard work…I’ve been able to travel all over the country meeting new people, trying their special cuisine, checking out shopping and events/nightlife.  They all seem to blur together now but from Florida-Minnesota-Colorad0-New York-Missouri-South Carolina-Louisiana-Texas…+ some– and so on, I’ve racked up my miles + jet lag but have had a GREAT time! I finally have a little break where I can enjoy actually living in my apartment and enjoying summer-time in Chi! Bring on the open patios, cubs games, Lake Michigan and Lollapalooza!

I mean…how cute are these kids?

Inspiration lining the hallway

cha cha cha

A staple in costuming!

A lovely way to end the night…in my makeshift home at our hotels


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