What’s your inspiration?

They say the happiest people keep things that inspire them, around their usual space, for daily awareness.  In my apartment I found the perfect place, in my room, to hold my daily inspiration in an old “mock” fireplace.

Flowers always add extra beauty as well as a sweet aroma.  My favorite band is the Beatles (as well as my obsession of London) so I have a picture I got years ago framed.  A history book of Lancome plus a vintage floral holder of rich lipsticks and glosses after working there. Candles upon candles because sometimes lights just won’t cut it!  And a hand-drawn picture from my amazing time spent studying and traveling in Florence, Italy.

What is your inspiration?


Butter London

I am usually the boring deep purple, pink, red- monochromatic nail polish type of girl. Tons of different color polishes are just sitting around waiting to get used…so I thought I would add a little bit of glitz to my nails.  Butter London believes in “Rock and Roll. Great Britain. And Fashion” and is a better investment than a  fancy manicure.  It  was the first brand to sell non-toxic nail lacquer in the USA offering creative and fashionable colors and palettes mimicking the latest runways. I used YUMMY MUMMY (toned down gold/beige) on my base coat and then WEST END WONDERLAND (gold shimmer) on the base up to about half of the nail.  These lacquers dry super fast which is also a plus!

Here is the Spring/Summer 2012 collection introducing sophisticated pastels!

Slapper, Trout Pout, Disco Biscuit, Bossy Boots, and Knackered