Summer Loving

It was a HOT one this weekend! I decided to celebrate my memorial day by re-discovering Chicago with friends.  After living here for a while, it’s easy to take for granted all there is to do in this city so I decided to head outside and sweat it out.  consisted of: North Avenue beach (which looked like Spring Break PCB to me) Cubbies game (plus wrigleyville of course) and some BBQ’S with good friends, good food and good drinks!  Despite being fried it was a HELL of a weekend! How did everyone else celebrate?

I cant get over this view!

Thank god for shady seats!

Wrigley time


Back from hibernation

I’M BACK! Here is my official apology for my lack of posts (cough…hiatus) for my blog.  My life has been a crazy whirlwind lately and I am finally getting back to having some time to breathe and catching some z’s!  So, here is my update:

Has anybody seen dance moms the tv show? That is basically my life from Wednesday-Monday in all different cities in the US.  I have been working for 2 national dance competitions with AH-MAY-ZING talented dancers since January setting up their “pop up” shops as a visual merchandiser.  Although it is CRAZY hours ( hence my lack of posts) and hard work…I’ve been able to travel all over the country meeting new people, trying their special cuisine, checking out shopping and events/nightlife.  They all seem to blur together now but from Florida-Minnesota-Colorad0-New York-Missouri-South Carolina-Louisiana-Texas…+ some– and so on, I’ve racked up my miles + jet lag but have had a GREAT time! I finally have a little break where I can enjoy actually living in my apartment and enjoying summer-time in Chi! Bring on the open patios, cubs games, Lake Michigan and Lollapalooza!

I mean…how cute are these kids?

Inspiration lining the hallway

cha cha cha

A staple in costuming!

A lovely way to end the night…in my makeshift home at our hotels