Your Wednesday love note

Your Wednesday love note

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14 Days of LOVE

It is officially February! I Know you either Love or hate it…or are just over the “month of love” but this year I have decided to embrace it!  It’s traditionally a day where you express your love towards your special someone by taking them out, buying chocolates and flowers.  Or go the other route where you get together with a bunch of girlfriends + anything  chocolate and LOTS of wine!

Either way, I am going to celebrate 14 days worth of everything LOVELY up until Valentines day!

NUMBER 1 – Re-living my study abroad adventures in Firenze, Italy by cooking Italian style

If there is 1 thing Italian’s know how to do…it is cooking.  It is hard to find time to actually cook a real meal and enjoy it.  So, I bought myself an Italian cookbook and plan to try every recipe at least once.  Invite some friends over (the more the merrier) open some vino and let the good times roll!

*Some pictures from Italy below